Thanks to the generosity of parishioners Judith and David  — who will be united in Holy Matrimony on Dec. 16 — Good Shepherd is establishing a new outreach fund to assist seniors who attend our church. Through the Good Shepherd Senior Emergency Relief Fund, senior-aged parishioners on a fixed-income can now receive up to $50 in emergency financial assistance to help them pay for unforeseen expenses, such as a medical co-pay or prescription, or groceries and fuel, and other minor expenses that occasionally pop up.

During the past few years, Good Shepherd Outreach Services has witnessed an increase in the number of seniors who occasionally struggle to pay their monthly expenses. This is a major concern, as the senior population in our community and across the U.S. is swiftly rising.  And that’s why the  Good Shepherd Senior Emergency Relief Fund is truly a blessing for our church. 


If you are senior who wants more information about or wishes to apply for assistance through this fund, please contact Good Shepherd Outreach Coordinator Kathy Guarino at 817-421-1387, Ext. 205, or send an email to More information will soon be available soon.

Senior Fund Created Through the Holy Spirit

The story of how this fund came to be is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Following the deaths of their spouses, Judy and David met and fell in love through their involvement at Good Shepherd. Seniors themselves, they learned that many of their seniors friends at Good Shepherd with  fixed monthly incomes experience financial hardships throughout the year.  Recognizing how blessed they’ve been and the need to assist our seniors, David and Judy worked with the Good Shepherd Outreach Services Ministry to create this fund in memory of their deceased spouses — Jacob and Victoria.  This fund will compliment the Good Shepherd ChristCare program, which provides parishioners with financial assistance for rent, utilities and other more costly expenses.

To date, parishioners have pledged more than $2,000 to help our seniors and more donations are forthcoming, as wedding guests of Judith and David’s will be making donations as nuptial gifts to them.


If you would like to support this new outreach program by making a donation, please contact Good Shepherd Business Manager Michael Vinez  at 817-421-1387, Ext 223, or send an email to You also can bring your donation to the parish office.  All checks should be payable to Good Shepherd Catholic Community and have “Senior Relief Fund” written in the memo line.