Vocation Program Icon

All households are invited to sign up to take Jesus the Good Shepherd icon home with you, using it to pray for church vocations throughout the week.   

Here is how to go about receiving the icon for a week.

  • Click here to sign up online.  Once we receive your information, a member of the Vocation Team will be in contact with you to set up a date/mass.


  • You may also find an Icon team member near the information desk in the Narthex before mass and sign up with them.  

Instructions for your date/mass

  1. Please try to arrive at least 10 minutes early before mass, and check in with an Icon Team member who should be located near the information desk (likely they will have a copy of the icon with them). This team member will answer any questions you have, and help direct you to the designated seating. (Important: if you do not check in, the icon team member may assume something came up and you were not able to take the icon that week, so they will ask another family to substitute for you.  Please make every effort to check in with the icon team member before the church bells start ringing or contact the church if you know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.)
  2. On your chosen date/mass please sit in the designated pew for the vocations program (in one of the first two rows of seating behind where the altar servers sit for mass).
  3. When the priest calls you forward at the end of mass,  all members of both the households (the returning and the receiving) come forward towards the altar where they exchange the icon.  The priest will meet you and offer a few words of encouragement.
  4. Take the icon home, and please use the booklet located inside the back of the icon to aid you in prayer and discussion of church vocations throughout the week.
  5. Please remember to bring the icon back with you the following week to the same mass time that you picked the icon up at. Please check in with an Icon Team member who will be near the information desk in the Narthex (They'll likely have a copy of the icon with them).  Again, you will have designated seating directly behind the altar servers.  Please keep the icon with you at your seat, so that you may pass it on to the next family.